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Coach Delaney shooting a 3-pointer

PVHS Student vs. Faculty Basketball Game

David Wilson, Writer April 8, 2024

PVHS recently had a basketball student vs. teacher game that was a very exciting event. PVHS has a tradition of having a competition against the teachers and the varsity players, and they host a basketball...

Brooklyn Jones (12) Mural

Art Student Spotlight

Aurora Bogat-Kinkade, Editor April 5, 2024

Halley Beebe (11): Her art piece was a part of a 5 part sustain investigation that 5-6 and above art students participate in. Its goal is for them to focus on a specific theme. Her piece is number four...

Sketch of Central Park Hippo circa 1900s

Origin of Zoos

Izaya Tacheene, Writer April 4, 2024

Zoos—everyone knows what they are; they are loved by all ages, from adolescents to the elderly, and over 181 million people visit them every year. They are the core memories in a child's life. Barely...



Dane Perez, Writer April 2, 2024

Regular exercise is one of the most important parts of daily life. Research has shown that 30 minutes of exercise a day is more beneficial to mental wellbeing than any antidepressant on the market. Not...

Second Semester Yearbook Class

Yearbook Completion

Aurora Bogat-Kinkade, Editor April 1, 2024

The yearbook, as of Saturday, the 9th, was officially submitted and completed. The yearbook class has been working diligently to finish the yearbook on time and make it as amazing as it has been in years...

PV Elite Dance Legendary Dance Show
Photo Credits : JaoPhotos

PV Elite Dance Tryouts

Nia-Mora Williams, Writer March 6, 2024

Do you like the group of girls that perform during the assemblies and games? Those girls belong to our PV dance program. Our Paradise Valley dance program is one of the best in our school district. The...

Photo of Emmit Till

The Story Of Emmett Till

David Wilson, Writer March 6, 2024

Emmett Till is one of the most forgotten but inspiring stories of all time. This is a first-person aspect of this aspirin Emmett Till is one of the most forgotten but inspiring stories of all time. This...

Concept Image of the Planned Community

Walk-a-round Community

Ever Toyosima, Writer March 6, 2024

Culdesac Tempe has been credited with being an early pioneer in Tempe's urban living revolution, offering a novel viewpoint on neighborhood planning. Culdesac Tempe is a masterfully planned community that...

How Pizza got in My Lunch

How Pizza got in My Lunch

Izaya Tacheene, Writers March 6, 2024

Where did pizza originate from, and how did it make its way to our school lunches??? Well, the word pizza actually originates from Greece, and the name is a more evolved form of pita. Eventually, it made...

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