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Traffic warning sign heat on white

Heat Warnings

Ever Toyosima, Writer May 15, 2024

The consequences of Arizona's rising heat go beyond just being uncomfortable. This study explores the interrelated health hazards, environmental effects, economic ramifications, and social issues brought...

Dangers of Screen Time

Dangers of Screen Time

Dane Perez, Writer May 15, 2024

Screens have become a crucial part of our daily life in the current digital era. We are surrounded by screens all the time, whether they be on computers, tablets, or cellphones. While there are unquestionably...

Importance of Diet

Importance of Diet

Dane Perez, Writer May 15, 2024

In the midst of school life, with classes, extracurricular activities, and social meetups, it’s easy to overlook one important aspect of our daily routine: our diet. Yet, what we eat plays a vital role...

From Left to Right; Maxwell Klauer, Payton Russo Overton, Caden Blackwell


David Wilson, Writer May 15, 2024

Culinary is one of the many classes used at PVHS and one of the best programs. PVHS focuses a lot on electives and has a very unique Culinary program. One whole building is dedicated to the elective and...

Heat Safety

Heat Safety

Ever Toyosima, Writer May 3, 2024

Ensuring your well-being during scorching weather requires a multi-faceted approach. First and foremost, prioritize staying cool. Utilize air conditioning or fans to create a comfortable environment. Wear...

Photo of Eclipse taken outside of the CREST building


Jimena GonzalezHolguin, Writer April 26, 2024

Solar Eclipse are when the moon and sun are right on top of each other blocking off light from the sun. This can last from 10 seconds to 7 minutes in total.The way for this to work the moon has to be in...

Coach Delaney shooting a 3-pointer

PVHS Student vs. Faculty Basketball Game

David Wilson, Writer April 8, 2024

PVHS recently had a basketball student vs. teacher game that was a very exciting event. PVHS has a tradition of having a competition against the teachers and the varsity players, and they host a basketball...

Second Semester Yearbook Class

Yearbook Completion

Aurora Bogat-Kinkade, Editor April 1, 2024

The yearbook, as of Saturday, the 9th, was officially submitted and completed. The yearbook class has been working diligently to finish the yearbook on time and make it as amazing as it has been in years...

Concept Image of the Planned Community

Walk-a-round Community

Ever Toyosima, Writer March 6, 2024

Culdesac Tempe has been credited with being an early pioneer in Tempe's urban living revolution, offering a novel viewpoint on neighborhood planning. Culdesac Tempe is a masterfully planned community that...

Yearbookss booth at Haunted Paradise

Haunted Paradise

Ever Toyosima, Reporter November 7, 2023
  Haunted Paradise has been the result of weeks of laborious planning on the part of JAG and a committed crew. They put a lot of effort into the well planned advertisements, with posters, unique experiences, and exciting games. Haunted Paradise provided a leisurely journey through the environment that the school had created, offering its...
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