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David Wilson
From Left to Right; Maxwell Klauer, Payton Russo Overton, Caden Blackwell

Culinary is one of the many classes used at PVHS and one of the best programs. PVHS focuses a lot on electives and has a very unique Culinary program. One whole building is dedicated to the elective and it’s one of the most popular courses used. I interviewed the people in Culinary 1-2 this is that.

Who are you guys and what do you guys do in culinary?

Payton: “My name is Payton Russo Overton and I’m 16. I’m a junior. In one, two, we’re just learning what all the equipment and what it does and how we can use it to cook and then how to like flavor things and use things correctly.”

You are a leader in the class what does that mean to you?

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Payton: “People look up to you. I would say so yeah. I just I have a lot of experience cooking at home already. That’s why I feel like I’m decent at it yet.”

What do you do in culinary and what was your favorite dish?

Payton: “Homemade pasta probably. What’s a favorite dish you made it here? In here? All
like we bake a lot, probably like muffins or stuff like that. They’re talking about some blueberry
muffins or something like that? Yes. Those were really good.”

What is the most technical thing you’ve ever made?

Payton: “Technical? Probably when cooking meat, like chicken, if you don’t cook it to the right temperature. Then it’s raw and that’s like you can’t eat raw meat.”

How is it working with a team?

Payton: “I think, um, working as it, with a team definitely translates to group projects, like in normal core classes. And also, learning responsibility and time management. He’s, we’re only in here for, when we have like two or three, two or three different recipes that we need to work on in the course of like an hour, like an hour and 15 minutes, it can get pretty active. Yeah. And so we have to, you have to stay on, stay on track.”

Who are you guys and what do you guys do in culinary?

Maxwell Klauer: “My name is Maxwell Klauer and Im a freshmen starting in culinary 1.”

Caden Blackwell: “My name is Caden Blackwell and I’m a junior in the same culinary class.”

You are a leader in the class what does that mean to you?

Maxwell: “Me I try to help my group and kind of get things going. So, we can move along fast in a, stay on, stay on time.”

What are you doing in culinary class right now?

Maxwell: “Making blueberry scones, and I think it’s like steak rice.”

What is your favorite dish you’ve made?

Maxwell: “The other day, we made some cinnamon crumb muffins. And they were, They were really good. You gotta eat them. Yeah, we made about a dozen muffins, and then we put like, and then we had some glaze on top of them. They were probably my favorite thing we’ve made.”

What was the hardest thing to make?

Maxwell: “The hardest to make? That’s the ice cream thing that we made when we put the ice cream.”

Caden: “Oh, yeah, yeah. We made, um, I don’t even know what the name was. It was like, it was like, the custard, like, getting the custard to be, like, the perfect consistency, um, on top of the sauce.”



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